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👇 Want to use my songs? Check the instructions below. 👇

I produce chill lofi hip hop beats to study/relax to for you. I believe that the lofi community is the best on internet, and I appreciate your feedback and support. If you like my songs, you can use them in your videos too on YouTube and Twitch, and don’t forget to add my social links ( youtube & spotify ). Find below in the description all the instructions to use the songs.

lofi chillhop spotify playlist:
artwork by @mb0sco
instagram @lofigeek


00:00 lofi geek – paradise
03:44 lofi geek – unity
06:45 lofi geek – deline
10:16 lofi geek – 1800
14:46 lofi geek – liberty
18:35 lofi geek – remember
21:54 lofi geek – circle
25:41 lofi geek – memory
29:04 lofi geek – apollo
32:35 lofi geek – distant
36:16 lofi geek – clouds
40:37 lofi geek – love reading

Hope my music helps you focus better on your exams, studying or doing homework.

⭐ Clear instructions about using my lo-fi songs ⭐
1) All songs are SAFE to be used in ANY of your videos, nobody will strike your video.
2) In case you need to monetize the video using my songs, just contact my label at [email protected] – They will check if you added my credits in the description, and release any claim. Make sure you send them an email only in case your channel is approved to monetize, otherwise it makes no sense.
3) Again, the music is SAFE to be used in your videos. If you get a claim for a song, that is not a copyright violation. To monetize a video that has the songs used as background music, please send your video link to my label’s email.

Special thanks to ChilledCow, Dreamy, the bootleg boy, Ambition and The Jazz Hop Cafe for inspiring me to create this chill lofi beats. You are great!

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