Relax to music to calm the constant agitation, soothe this very annoying anxiety symptom. To calm this state of agitation and excessive anxiety, let’s listen to relaxing music and get moments of peace and tranquility to fully enjoy our day, relaxing… Let’s admire this beautiful landscape composed of a waterfall that descends on a rocky mountain and flows into a green lake surrounded by trees. Restlessness is caused when we react to something that makes us feel uncomfortable, and when that feeling becomes constant, it causes a restlessness that is hard to control. This can lead to generalized anxiety disorder and cause other mental health issues. Restlessness can lead to sleep problems, difficulty concentrating, excessive worry, in addition to deep distress. For those who suffer from generalized anxiety, it is imperative to seek psychological help to be able to deal with such feelings. Music can also be a great ally for treating anxiety, relaxing sounds can act on your brain and release dopamine, a hormone known to provide well-being.


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