0:00 – uncommenn, oxthemoron, slowya​.​roll & Nokiaa – Eclipse
3:34 – elmo, anu & nico harris – Early Hours
6:31 – Glance, goosetaf & slowya​.​roll – Triptych
9:39 – anbuu – Two Paths
12:38 – shortfatty, Needraw & midnight alpha. – Whitetail
15:51 – goosetaf, anbuu & liid. – Withholding
18:44 – Nokiaa & Deauxnuts – Safehouse
21:27 – Bao & Dayle – Redline
24:02 – elmo & nico harris – Flipside
26:44 – slowya.roll & daniel hayn – Out of Time
30:54 – slowya.roll, anbuu, elmo & goosetaf – Typhoon
34:38 – Keeth, elmo & Glance – Overflow
38:08 – Glance, Nokiaa & goosetaf – Nudge
40:47 – anbuu & Needraw – Blueform
43:59 – elmo & Kalimero – Papillon
47:29 – uncommenn & Chris Mazuera – Jams
50:20 – walzy & goosetaf – Table Tennis
53:24 – nico harris, anu & elmo – Uncertain
56:37 – khoa – Cabin Fever
58:29 – Vooo & slowya.roll – Aqua


Pre-Order Vinyl:

”Radio Juicy presents “Garden of Eden”, a complete collection of all the essential singles we’ve released from 2020 and 2021. Previously, these singles were all only available via digital streaming, and with “Garden of Eden” we brought them all together in an exclusive, cohesive experience. It’s available now streaming on all DSPs, for digital purchase on our website / Bandcamp, and as a limited physical pressing on white vinyl as a part of a double LP gatefold package, illustrated and designed by modern artist Sandro Rybak.

Garden of Eden brings together all of the artists that have been contributing to what we refer to as the new Radio Juicy sound, and the compilation marks a significant chapter in our musical adventure; one that’s as jazzy, electronic and organic, expanding from our lofi roots and replacing sample-based loops with extended original compositions.

This compilation will take you back over the last couple of years of Radio Juicy releases in style, where you can (re)experience the music as if it was new, while also giving you a chance to own all of the songs for your collection and further more with this incredible physical collector’s edition.

As the album marks a completed chapter for Radio Juicy as a label, it is also the beginning, or “genesis”, of our next adventure, and this body of work lays the foundation of what’s to come next.”

🎵 Radio Juicy:




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