Lullabies to put baby to sleep and Relax with sleep music and the black screen after 20 minutes of video, more comfort for the baby. First animation with kittens to attract the baby’s attention, then the screen gradually darkens, sleep. Put your baby to sleep with our lullaby. Many babies have trouble falling asleep or maintaining continuous sleep at night, causing parents to stay awake during this time as well. To calm and put your baby to sleep, play our calm music. The decor of a child’s room, which gradually turns into a blue background with small bubbles, brings a lot of warmth to the video. Thus, by listening to this sweet melody and watching this video, parents and children will spend excellent and peaceful nights. 00:00:00 – 00:25:12 Lullaby and kittens 00:25:12 – 11:58:28 Lullaby and dark background


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