0:00 – Petals
2:20 – Ricochet
5:05 – Lilac
8:02 – Opals (feat. Whilst)
10:33 – Ripples
12:56 – Suspended
16:05 – Home (Interlude)
17:02 – Up Late (feat. INKY!)
19:11 – Out There
21:40 – Sitting Still
24:12 – Closure (feat. Foxwood)


‘Fragments’ is a collection of 11 songs Lucid Green made over the past year and a half. In collaboration with multiple artists such as Idealism, Foxwood, Whilst, and INKY, Each track is a fragment of a past memory, feeling or moment.

’Most songs in the project contain recordings of different places and moments, which makes the project feel very introspective. I hope people can relate to those nostalgic moments too.

The album captures these past moments, showing what “lucid green” means to me.’

🎧Lucid Green:




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