0:00 – Cherry Blossoms
1:56 – Lavanta
3:59 – Birds Of Paradise
6:20 – Rosa Preta
7:59 – Gardenia
10:20 – Salvia
12:09 – Chrysanthemum
14:25 – White Lotus

🎶 Stream/Support:

LESKY teams up with the very talented producer Beyond Moments who’s a UK artist and musician, best known for his heartfelt guitar melodies, presents deeply chilled, ambient and downtempo electronic music, designed to break you free from the everyday stream of life and have some time to relax, reflect and introspect.

If you are not familiar with LESKY, he is a German producer living in Tbilisi, Georgia. Only in his early twenties, Lesky has created his own soundscape fusing mellow neo soul keys and synths with crisp and textured lofi beats.

Beyond Moments & Lesky met up in Tbilisi earlier in the year where they composed their latest collaborative album ‘When Every Leaf Is A Flower’.

‘Created between vipassana meditation retreats and sunbathing sessions on rooftop terraces, this one breathes our lighthearted lifestyle in Tbilisi through and through.’


🎧 Beyond Moments:


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