0:00 – i left when i shouldn’t have
2:20 – descent together
4:32 – cold nights
7:19 – more time with you
10:07 – i miss you, a lot
12:28 – clearly we hadn’t thought of that
14:50 – rainworld

from late june: ”dedicated to this year & my friends

i wrote this album from my own perspective of relationships I’ve had in winter, as well as what I’ve gone through and grown through emotionally as an adult. i recently had broken up with my ex-girlfriend and was going through a lonely period of time, even when i was with her – i thought id channel a lot of what i was feeling about lost love as well as seasonal depression

doing things differently, i went for a more synth pop lo-fi feel.
all my life I’ve just wanted to express thoughts and emotions with art and I’m glad i can do that and i hope you can resonate with this somehow..”

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