Calm music for meditation and sleep with water and bird sounds. The practice of meditation can be a great help in maintaining a more stable mind and sleeping well. With our soothing video, relax your body and reconnect with nature. The ambient sounds of birds and water, combined with the calm of our meditation music, made from the fusion of sounds of pads, vocals and flute, transform this landscape into an ideal place to host a great meditation and a peaceful night’s sleep. The natural landscape of our video is perfect for you to meditate and sleep in peace. A calm and watered lake, surrounded by a small village full of pine forest and mountains, gives life to the landscape. The orange color of some of the trees and the intense moonlight help bring a sense of comfort to the scene. Practicing meditation before bed helps relax the body and mind to ensure a more restful sleep. The act of meditation can be helpful in reducing insomnia and helping those who suffer from lack of sleep. We hope you will relax deeply and have a good night’s sleep.


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