Story to fall asleep and music to sleep. A good night’s sleep begins long before bedtime. Listening to stories with relaxing music at bedtime can create an environment conducive to sleep and sweet dreams. Listen to this music for sleep and our toy soldier story to disconnect your mind from reality and feel relaxed enough to sleep and immerse yourself in the world of dreams. The setting of our video offers you the ideal comfort to listen to the story of the toy soldier and fall asleep peacefully. Feel inside this very comfortable environment, whose walls represent a sky of clouds, reminiscent of a child’s room. Imagine living our history while being warmed by the sparks of the fireplace. Appreciate the scene details, such as the house of cards and the army of toy soldiers. Also enjoy the special features of the scene, like the ballerina and the swans that keep spinning throughout the story. We wish you a peaceful sleep and a great night’s sleep! 00:00 Story To Fall Asleep with Music 00:13:00 Music To Sleep


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