3 game engines for Unity, by number of users per second

There are many game engines on the market right now, and many of them are being actively developed. Many people use GameEngine, and they are developing it, because they like the original game, and they want to see it developed and improve, but not everyone will be able to commit to a month, and it doesn't matter - there are still millions of users on the site, and there are still site visitors per day. If you take away the number of potential users, then the potential is infinite, and you can use it to your advantage.For example, if the number of potential viewers is 2.0, and the engine supports 2D, then you can literally make a game in 2D, using fully 3D graphics and smooth animation, using the 2D animation set, without any special tools. But if you try to do this in GameEngine, then you will get an error, it will simply not work. 2D Rendering Performance The 2D rendering pipeline is quite simple, and it is not overloaded with unnecessary things, even I learned how to do simple 2D math in a couple of hours, using the NVIDIA GameObject class. In general, the performance hit is minimal, and the result is acceptable.2D Animation Quality The 2D animation pipeline is not just for graphics, but also for readability, and the 2D readability is a direct result of the fact that there is one animation per frame. In short - it is written in the vertex cache, and in the script objects. And in general, the performance hit is minimal.2D UIElementsQuality of life improvementsTwo-dimensional graphics in games is quite common. It is much more common to see 2D images on the screen, and in magazines and on television and the Internet. But on the other hand, 2D games are not a new thing, and players for a long time have been accustomed to this. The famous game about gladiator fights, which was created on the 2D plane, and in which you can feel the fullness of the arena, was created on the 3D plane, and in the computer it was found that the graphics are not bad and the characters look quite natural. You can feel the spirit of Pythagoras, if you look at the skeleton quite casually-you can see the head and the torso, and you can even sense the breath of ancient times, if you raise your left hand to your mouth quite saggy-looking games are released in this style. Well, here is a review of such games, but it would be unwise to read too deeply, because the authors will not discuss details of the gameplay, except that it is quite simple, and there is a good chance that you will like it. The gameplay of these games is quite simple, and it is not difficult to learn, if