Pure Blood: The One

Fans of the beautiful and unusual world of the fantasy genre are looking forward to the release of the game . The game takes place in a world called Alraka. The Empire, having invaded and captured the city of Alraka, sends its elite warriors to destroy the warriors. The main character, a member of the reconnaissance group, is sent to the city of the knights and has to fight with them. The player will have to complete a number of tasks that include reconnaissance, search for food, upgrade your skills, and fight for your life. in one of the brutal wars in the Shaolin Monastery.All the games presented are free of artificial enhancements and may be played even without knowledge of the program. All the results of virtual games are the property of their authors and do not belong to the author.Put a smile on your face if you are interested in playing any of the games presented or read the first part of the article.__________________________________________________________________________________________All the latest ones you can find updates to this and other articles on my blogCome and see us so that you don't miss something interesting